Water in Arid Areas – the case of Saudi Arabia

The task is to write a report about “water resources in arid areas”. The area chosen is Saudi arabia as the area to be

For each part, statistical data are highly recommended in its relevant subtopic, especially on the comparison of options

part, couple of graphs should be fine bun no pictures though. Also, It is highly emphasized on synthesis through

paragraphs. The sourcing style is Harvard. Please provide more academic sources then news articles.
The structure should be as follows:
General discussion of water resources
Definition of an arid area
Purpose of the report
Introduce some arid areas (in general)
Explain general problems in arid areas
Problems: i.e: Not enough rainfall (Westerman 2009) / Water shortage has caused health,agriculture and economic problems

(BBC 2008)
Country Profile:
Water resources
Domestic / Industrial / Economic
Comparison of options:
1) Dams
a. In terms of cost
b. Locations to be used
c. Is it sustainable or not
2) Ground Drilling
a. Usage i.e.: irrigation, drinking. Locations used i.e: farms
b. Cost
c. Sustainable or not
3) Recycling waste water
a. Volume
b. Good quality
c. Public perception
4) Desalination
a. Investment: wealthy country
b. Infrastructure of the desalination system and how to deliver water
c. Technology used: world leader in desalination technology
d. Why does it work in Saudi Arabia
Conclusion and Recommendations
Please ensure the Report includes:
• Headings
• A Numbering Scheme
• Good Academic Sources including Data
• Examples of Synthesis
• Sound Analysis
• Recommendations and a Conclusion
• A Reference List