Verbal and nonverbal response types

Paper title: Verbal and nonverbal response types

Academic level:  High school

Pages: 7

Source amount: 1

Subject:  Interpersonal Commutation

Formatting style:  APA

Type:  Essay

Details: The class that I am taking is Interpersonal Commutation. This paper is going to be answered like one paragraph for each question, the way that to answer is by observing another person that you know and based on the answers there will be 5 question about it in the attachment. I will let you make up the observing so it will be easy for you to answer by your own. I will attach a PDF file that will explain the instructions and there are 5 questions that needs to be answered for the research paper. Also, the resource is from the book “Interpersonal Communication By Sarah Trenholm 6th edition.” Use Only This book, please don’t use any other resources because this is what i have to study from ONLY. For example: you stay in a conversation between people and you only focus on one person and that person is gonna be the person that u gonna talk about on the paper. Thus, you will write only about this person and his/her behaviors through the conversation, its like observing him. One last thing, I am International student so if you could possible to make the words that using in writing is so simple and not that hard vocabulary so the professor wont feel that someone els is writing it. Also, please make sure that you don’t purglism or in other word copying from the internet. Also, i will attach Three papers and one of them are the 5 Questions that must be answered, and the other two have examples of verbal and nonverbal response types.