Topic: Skin Bleaching – A phenomenon or what?

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TOK Presentation Title: Skin Bleaching – A phenomenon or what?
Power Point or Visual presentation – Include: historical content – Is it a phenomenon or what? – How bleaching can be used to justify moral behaviours &/or behaviour

on a whole – Analyze how we know that the behaviour is right – reaction from the community/society – show how they justified their bahaviour – Generalizing a model of

beliefs based on this; looking at the implications of such a model (using an example from an AOK) – look at how reason comes to a different conclusion on the

situation; generalizing a model of ethics based on reason; look at the implications of this model (again with an AOK example) and basically in both pointing out why

they wouldn’t work, then at the end, talk about suggestions of linking the two ways of knowing together to perhaps get a stronger ethical code and what this would mean

if you applied it to my real-life example Conclude with a little thing about beliefs and how confusing it can be or something to that effect or better – Add anything

else of importance/to enhance project.
Please prepare a handout to follow presentation.

Please check the sites below for further information and feel free to find others:
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TOK Presentation Assessment Criteria:

Other tips:
• While preparing the actual presentation please have the criteria next to you to always look back at to avoid drifting off on the topic rather than focusing on the

knowledge issue.
• You should start with a real-life example, and then draw the knowledge issue out of that, to demonstrate the importance and relevance of the issue. Also, keep

referring to the example and implications for the example in your presentation.
• Bring in counter arguments to every statement you make. Your conclusion can be on whatever side you want but you need to have discussed it thoroughly in the

presentation with pro and contra arguments.
• Keep it entertaining and engaging.
• Present both sides of the argument and then give your personal opinion.
• Don’t be boring, don’t make it sound scripted, don’t be monotone, don’t be longwinded, don’t say something too controversial, don’t be biased.