The Pros and Cons of buying Custom Essay Writing Services

Since their advent, there have been a myriad of stated reservations about custom essay writing services.  With their subsequent, even current increasing popularity, however, the reservations begin to turn into a single question: Why would anyone buy custom essay writing services?

Many conscientious students are steadily resisting the idea of paying someone else to do their coursework, believing that this is a form of cheating, and the bought papers will not reflect their personal abilities to advance in their program. Indeed, the majority of college professors agree, and have put up revolting measures against the process that include suspension for any student that has dared to  buy custom essay writing services, and even an unqualified dismissal from the institution, for ‘repeat offenders.’ Nevertheless, there are benefits to purchasing custom essay writing services, which do not all consist in the provision of ready-made essays for students to pass off as their own.

Not many people are naturally good at writing, and most students struggle to master the necessary art of essay writing. While learning this skill is extremely beneficial, the reality is that academic results depend entirely on performance, and not on effort. A student would be wise to buy custom essay writing services that will assist him in practicing and eventually mastering essay writing, thus ensuring that his academic results are not only a genuine reflection of his abilities, but also a prideful achievement, with regard to his efforts. If he is seeking this type of service, he should buy custom essay writing services from outfits that offer editing and proofing services. With these, a student submits his primary efforts to the company, who evaluate it, revise it and send it back with notations where the work has been improved and where it requires further improvement.  Reputable services are staffed by qualified writers, many with an academic background, who are therefore much suited to advising students who become lost in essay writing. Even where a student out and out proceeds to buy custom essay writing services to get a finished product, they need not use it as is. An intelligent student would do well by learning from how the paper has been crafted, and rewriting his own, as well as practicing what he has learned on subsequent efforts.


For those students who are simply seeking a way to dodge the essay writing process, there are a myriad of sites from which to buy custom essay writing services to do part or all of the work for them, depending on their budget. They are however advised to do their research in order to find legitimate custom services, and strenuously avoid the following:


  • Free Sites: Free custom essay writing services should not actually describe themselves as such, as there is nothing ‘custom’ about them. They provide free downloads of relevant, but often poor pieces of pre-written or old essays, that have probably been used and re-used before. Using one of these will usually mean that the responsible student must rewrite it, and add his own research, to make it up to the standards required by his professors. They are emphatically ill-advised to simply copy and paste the text, as not only are they likely to be found out, but, if not, they will probably get a poor grade.


  • Pre-written papers: Pre-written papers are readily available to those seeking to buy custom essay writing services however, as with free essays, they may be hard-pressed to find one dealing in the exact topic required. Again, these papers, available for a fee, will still require rewriting.