Ritz Carlton Marketiing Mix

Ritz Carlton Marketiing Mix


1. Assess effects of human diversity on the management and delivery of various hospitality services
4. Investigate and critically appraise the management of a particular hospitality retail outlet in relationship to customary best practices of retail management.
5. Appraise the management of a particular licensed retail outlet.

Journal Article Outcomes
1. To critically evaluate the key managerial aspects of a hospitality business in relation to a selected topic covered within the Hospitality Retail Management course.
2. To develop skills and knowledge in relation to critical reflection, writing skills, research methods, undertaking and execution of a task and time management.
3. To present the final paper in the form of a journal article.

Coursework Brief
In pairs, assume you are a professional team of journalists. The editor of the e-journal “International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration” has asked you to write an article for their next volume 2014. Students will be allocated a Hospitality Business, and will be free to choose their project topic.

General Description
The Module Co-ordinator will assign one of the following Hospitality Business to the group:
1. IHG
2. Marriott International
3. Best Western
4. Rezidor Hotel Group
5. Hyatt Hotels
6. Choice Hotels International
7. Hilton Worldwide
8. Accor
9. Home Inns
10. Starwood Hotels
11. Wyndham Hotel Group
12. Taj Hotels
13. Motel One
14. Travelodge
15. Raffles International Hotels And Resorts
16. Kempinski Hotels
17. Occidental Hotels and Resorts
18. Swissotel Hotels and Resorts
19. Ramada Worldwide
20. Barceló Group
21. Morgans Hotel Group
22. Danubius Hotels Group
23. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Students select one of the following topicsand cover it as general or specific as necessary to write an interesting and relevant article.

1. Service Quality Management: a) Rating, b) Awards, c) Systems and c) procedures used by the hospitality retail business to assure customer satisfaction and business success.

Write a 1,200 to 1,500 word journal article.Students should get to know the brand and proceed to make specific research in the different sources (books, magazines, websites, and when possible – unit visits, surveys, interviews, etc.). As a result of all previous tasks, students write a journal article which has to be presented with all elements described underneath.

The article should include:
1. Abstract
a. Motivation or focus
b. Problem statement
c. Research methods
d. Results
e. Conclusions
2. Headline
Meaningful and descriptive communicating the intention of the article, its findings or a question that traps reader’s attention.
3. Lead
Highlighting the most significant facts / information included in the article.
4. Introduction
a. Topic / Business introduction
b. Background (motivation or problem)
c. Thesis Statement (the road map for the paper, presents your argument to the reader)
5. Body
Each paragraph should include:
a. a topic sentence;
b. at least two facts / examples / statistics;
c. at least one commentary / insight /analysis.
6. Conclusions
It is the synthesis paragraph. It refers to main topic and thesis statement included in the introductory part.
7. Tables, Figures and Illustrations
With appropriate referencing, relevant and original.
8. References.
According to Harvard Referencing System.

Submission Requirements

You are required to submit the work in the order presented in section “Contents”.

There are three ways in which students must submit their article. In pairs:
a. ALL STUDENTS USE TURNITIN before submission. Articles not proved to be original will not be graded.
b. Submit a Hard copy at reception by Tuesday October 29, 2013, 13:00. This paper should have the RGU’s standards for submitting an academic project.
c. Upload in campus moodle an electronic copy in .pdf format on submission date before 14:00.

Resit Requirement: Semester 1, 2014
You are required to complete the same stages of the report and write up the report as stated above with another topic and another hospitality business assigned by the Module Co-ordinator.