Philosophy interview a religious leader

A student may choose to interview a religious leader.  Students can ask their subjects what questions they choose, but I strongly recommend that when scheduling an interview, students ask their subjects on which religious topics they are willing to answer questions. State the purpose of your request to the individual, offering a description of this class, and our work this semester. Respect your subject’s wishes and stated boundaries. In your reflection papers students should address the following topics:
?    Identify your own (student) religious tradition and that of the person being interviewed.
?    Ask the person being interviewed about his or her religious upbringing and ask the person what attracts him or her to his or her religion.
?    Ask the subject about some of his or her responsibilities as a religious leader. What prayers, services, or activities does he or she conduct?
?    Ask what course of training or preparation, if any, your subject had to undergo to become a religious leader. Is being a leader a full-time responsibility or one that is temporary or part-time?
?    Are leaders in this tradition set apart or distinguished in some way from other members of the tradition?
?    Is your subject involved in ecumenical or interreligious activities of any sort? If so, what are they?
?    Lastly, you may ask your subject questions of your choosing, but once again be respectful and ascertain in advance what topics your interviewee is willing to discuss