organizational transformation

organizational transformation
There are many aspects of organizational transformation, and one of the critical ones is overcoming resistance to change which comes in multiple forms. For this SLP we will examine the types of resistance in the context of your subject organizational change process that you identified in Mod 1.


Create a plan to address anticipated and/or actual individual and structural barriers to your organization’s change process.
use module 1 the following assignment
In the Army there are many changes happening and many others changes in the process of happening. One if the changes are the GI Bill that when I came in 2009 I could use it any no matter what as long I serve my four years. Also the tuition assistant that is a help as long as I am in active duty I can use the money and I do not have to use my GI Bill. According to the army times the promise of a GI Bill that fully pays for a four-year college education could be eroding ( This change is already causing and effect in soldiers and families too because some of the GI Bill money family member use it as well. The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction which they want to reduce seven billion from veteran?s education benefits over 10 years by capping the annual increase in tuition rates at 3 percent points the Army Times. This cut it is not fair for many people because this people are risking their live and will not get benefit. Also many soldiers sign in Army because of the GI Bill now the government needs to look at future before taking this decision because it will affect the Army I believe. Also the tuition assistance it might get cut off so soldiers will have to pay some money depends on the program a soldier is. This is changes are taking place because of the economy in today?s world. I understand that the economy need to get better, but the government are trying to cuts fund of soldiers people that they send to war. Also with the GI Bill not just the soldier is taking advantage, but the colleges, companies and organizations. Because off that many soldier are able to come forward after some trauma. Many of the soldiers using this aid or program became good civilian?s workers. Cutting this funds does not help the economy it probably make it worst. Already I hearing soldiers saying that they are going to get out because am not worthy risking their lives. The problem with this is many soldiers are going to get out and the Army will become short of personnel and they will have to put bonus or said to attract people to join the Army. The money spent in Afghanistan is too much I believe which many comrades are asking their selves what the Army is fighting for. The will be situations that need to get attention first before make this changes in a hurry. They request that the GI Bill has a cap on 3 percent for example an average tuition at four-year public schools is $7,605. Under the proposal, if tuition increases 7.9 percent but the GI Bill tuition pay is capped at 3 percent, a student would be on the hook to pay $373 out of pocket to the school according to Army Times.