Discuss the importance of goals in motiv ation and leadership

Discuss the importance of goals in motiv ation and leadership

The essay itself is a major piece of academic written workthat must to be supported by at

least six refereed journal articles. Other

books and sourcesthat enable you to develop and

support your lines of argument in the essay are expected to be used additionally.

Consistent with the learning objectives for this course, students will need to frame their

essaysfrom a multilev el perspective. This

means looking at the topic from the persfiectiv e

of the organisation, the work group andt e individual. The studentwill need to be

careful in

the selection of the literature they use for their essay to ensure they understand the

organisational behaviour issues from

each ofthese three perspectives. The importance of

the multilevel perspectiv e in organisational behaviour will be discussed at several

fiuring the semester as most of the thingsthatWe study in organisational behaviour are best

interpreted from a mixed-lev el


essay topic:

A goal is a regulatory mechanism for monitoring, evaluating and adjusting one’s


attainment also gives people a sense of accomplishment” (Latham,

2007, p 267-268) In: Work Motivation History,Theory, Research and


London, Sage Publications.

Discuss the importance of goals in motiv ation and leadership drawing upon relevant


literature to support your position.

Recommended Journals

Apartfrom books, you will find itv aluable to get into the practice of

reading relev ant articles

from journals. You will need to consult some of these for your essay. These journals are



Academy of Management Executive

Academy of Management Journal

Academy of Management Review

Administrativ e Science


Annual Review of Psychology

Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources

Australian Journal of Management

California Management


Harvard Business Review

Journal oprplied Psychology

Journal of Management

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of

Occupational Psychology

Journal of Organisational Behaviour

Journal of Personality & Social Psychology

Management Learning



Organisational Dynamics

Personnel Psychology

The Leadership Quarterly

The Learning Organization