description and analysis

write a three-page description and analysis of a place or event. “The subject for a descriptive essay may be any object, place, person, or state of mind that you have

observed closely enough or experienced sharply enough to invest with special significance” (Aaron and Repetto 24).

Choose a subject that you can observe in person or something that you have experienced and know very well. Assume your reader is not very familiar with your

subject. Describe it so the reader can picture the person, place or event in their mind. Try to use as many senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and feeling) as you

can. Use descriptive language and details. Work on developing a dominant impression of the subject. The dominant impression should be related to your analysis,


In addition, find a purpose for your description; analyze your subject. For example, What do you learn from it? How does/did it change your perspective about life or

people? What does it illustrate about modern life, human feelings, etc.? What effects does it have? What is interesting about it? What about it seems strange,

unusual, interesting, moving, etc.? Create a fresh perspective or insight about the subject. (You don’t need to write about all of these; create a focus or controlling

idea based on your observations.)