Critical analyze and compare MPLS and Lased Line

Paper details

Critical analyze and compare MPLS and Lased Line
A report with approximately (1500) words covering the following tasks is expected

Write the abstract after you finish your report
It should help the reader to understand the whole report and create interest in reading your report.

What is WAN?. Explain in simple language not technically. Multiple branches in one country or international network
How the branches are connected?
Definition of WAN protocols: What are the protocols? FR,LL, MPLS, X.25/ISDN, VPN with ADSL
In this report, two such protocols are selected and compared for its …

Operation of the technologies,
Examples: MPLS: How its working? (ram 2010)
Image, EDGE router, LSP router, Label? Where is the label.

Compare the operation may be use a table also for technical details
Advantages, disadvantages
At what situation you will use MPLS? And say why ?


What you did in the report, and final points,