conflict mapping

Use Wehr’s Conflict Map to write an analysis of your interpersonal conflict. Please include the following sections:
1. Summary Description

2. Conflict History

3. Conflict Context

4. Parties (primary, secondary, and interested third)

5. Issues (include facts-based, values-based, interest-based, and nonrealisitc; state the primary parties’ positions and interests; and do the global specific needs analysis)

6. Dynamics (include precipitating events, issue emergence/transformation/proliferation, polarization, spiraling, and stereotyping/mirror imaging)

7. Alternatives to solutions

8. Conflict Regulation Potential (include internal and external limiting factors, identify interested third party role, and suggested technique(s) for conflict management)
The analysis has to be comprehensive based on the content areas listed above, show clarity of thought, and have no spelling or grammatical errors.
Create a title page and number all pages

Paper 2

Write a paper analyzing your interpersonal conflict using Dudley Weeks’ Conflict Partnership Pathway Model. Describe strategies for steps 1-7 only. Include your insights and challenges for the final section.

Please create a title page, number pages, and include step category subheadings. Double space, 1 inch margins including final conclusions