Art of the Ancient Amcericas Custom Essay

Sculpture, Buff Ceramic YEAR: 1992 DIMENSIONS: Height 11 ?? in. (29.21 cm) Analysis of the above Art Work As I watched this art the first thing that came to my attention was a figure of a woman who is seated on the floor or ground. Upon further scrutiny, I observed that the woman is in a state of tiresomeness and pain. This is depicted by the fact that the woman has protruding teeth and tries to support his body with her hands on the ankles. In my opinion the protruding teeth is crucial to the art since it conveys a deeper understanding of sorrow and pain which the woman is experiencing. Composition In regard to balance the focus of the art is located at the center of the painting. Such a conspicuous position makes the viewer see the protruding teeth first. Additionally, the art represents a woman wearing some earrings and seated on a cemented floor.