Advanced Critical Writing ;

Assignment Brief

Any special requirements:     All written work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with a Turnitin Report

Word Limit:     1,250 words

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment     Argument essay structure / cohesion and coherence / integration of secondary sources incl. paraphrasing and summarising techniques, in-text referencing skills and bibliographic accuracy / grammatical range and accuracy / lexical range and accuracy

Assessment criteria     Clearly defined and detailed band descriptors for each of the five aspects being assessed (see above)

Format, referencing, bibliography     Harvard referencing system

Candidates must clearly label their ID Number on additional separate reference, formula or answer sheets.


•    This coursework requires you to write a 1,250 word extended essay on a topic which is connected to your intended degree course. (So the course is business management you can talk about management, the report should have pro and con essay).

•    You are responsible for choosing the topic and title, which must be submitted to your tutor along with an outline for approval before you proceed.

•    The coursework should follow the structural requirements of an argument essay. This means you have to take a clear STANCE on the issue in question, but you also need to show evidence that you have researched and evaluated other stances in order to strengthen your position.

•    Word count does not include appendices / bibliography / graphics.